Social poaching?

when a friend or acquaintance mines your social network, without permission, for friends or romantic partners

I’m sorry. Permission? I do not need your permission to talk to the people you know. I do not need your permission to become friends with people you know. I don’t even need your permission to have sex with or become romantically involved with the people you know. You don’t own them, and you don’t own me.

Poaching can lead to hurt feelings and broken friendships, says [Jan Yager, Ph.D.]. Some people, she adds, even go so far as to “intentionally
avoid introducing their friends to each other because they like to keep
their relationships separate.”

Again… if you think you need to keep the people you know away from each other, you are seriously fucked up. Seriously. You have problems, and those problems are not “social poaching”. Those problems are insecurity and an insane amount of needing to be in control. Grow the hell up. Social poaching. I think Jan Yager is just trying to drum up some business for herself.

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