Shrewd beer drinkers

In the rain forest of Malaysia, scientists have found a small mammal, the pentail tree shrew, whose major source of food is a type of

Weins calculates that the tree shrew is imbibing what would be the
human equivalent of nine glasses of wine an evening. However, the
pentail tree shrew shows no signs of being drunk.

Yeah, that’s great, but I’m much more interested in the bertram palm. The plant which, apparently, is mother nature’s own brewery.

the flower buds function as brewing chambers — they have been invaded
by previously unknown species of yeast, which ferment the nectar into
frothy alcohol.

Heck, for that matter I’d be interested in getting my hands on that yeast and seeing what a batch of regular beer fermented with it would be like.

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  • Greg  On July 29, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    mmmmmm, shrew beer.

    Seriously, is there black market for such an item? We have contacts right?

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