They’ve got my number!

I love Gmail’s spam filtering. It’s nearly flawless, and doesn’t require me to do anything, really. Once in a great while spam gets to my inbox, and I can flag it as spam so that Gmail learns. On the other side, there are some “false positives” as well. Non-spam e-mails that wind up in the spam box. Those are even rarer, but they can be devastating (ever not get an important e-mail from a spouse or boss? or a notice of a meeting cancellation?). Because of these false positives, I keep looking at my spam box from time to time and reviewing the sender and subject to see if anything in there looks legit, then delete it all.

I tell you all this to setup the fact that I’ve noticed a lot of spam lately that promises Angelina Jolie naked. It’s very hard not to open those.

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