Avocado sauce, by any other name…

Just musing on my way in to work this morning about the word “guacamole”. Not sure why it popped into my head, as I don’t like the stuff, but whenever I think the word, I internally hear George Carlin’s voice, from a routine he did on food with funny names.
Then my brain decided (correctly, as it turns out) that the mole in guacamole probably comes from mole sauce. Meaning guaca is the term for avacado? Then I thought it would be funny if mole turned out to be just a foreign word for sauce. And we stupid Americans sit in restaurants ordering food with “sauce sauce”, much like we go to “bread bread” (Panera bread) for lunches…
So as soon as I got in to work, I went to wikipedia to confirm or deny my musings. Turns out I’m mostly right. “Mole” means “sauce”, and what we call mole sauce is properly termed mole poblano. Also, guacamole is avacado mole.

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