Temperature + humidity = 0 ambition to do anything

Got some laundry done today, cleaned some dishes, took a short nap (too short). Tested the air conditioner to, uh, “make sure it still works”. Need to mow the lawn, but not feeling any incentive to do outdoor work in this weather. I also realize it’s June already – nearly half way through the year – and I still haven’t strapped my armor on even once. Wondering if I will, and wondering why I have such a lack of energy compared to this time last year. Bug Jam tomorrow night, and I’m wondering how the hell I agreed to that? It seemed so far away a week ago, and now it’s on my doorstep. And again, I wonder why I have such a lack of enthusiasm when I was so into this just a couple months ago. I think the answer is that I feel cheated out of Spring. We pretty much went straight from cold and rainy to hot and humid. Our last frost (yes, frost!) was just a couple weeks ago, and now we’re in the 90’s. Ugh.

OK, that’s enough whining for one day. Just felt the need to blog something since… you guessed it… blogging is yet another thing I haven’t really felt like doing lately.

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