It’s almost over. It’s almost over. It’s almost over…

“Fifteen months ago, Americans were worried about the prospect of failure in Iraq. Today, thanks to the surge, we’ve renewed and revived the prospect of success.”

Less than 7 months until we determine his replacement. The time can’t possibly go by quickly enough. I mean, who exactly was ever “worried about failure”? Has he even defined the conditions for success yet? This is a war that can never be won, short of genocide. We’ll keep fighting over there until somebody with half a brain becomes commander-in-chief. Hopefully that actually happens.

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  • james britvich  On April 14, 2008 at 7:55 am

    I agree. Who do we pick as a replacement? Look at the choices we have. Is this a case of jumping out if the frying pan, into the fire?

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