Ramble On

I was counting down the days until Penguicon, and Twittered “11 days until Penguicon … Holy crap!”
Which, of course, sent my mind off on a little journey. Why do we say “holy crap”? Is holy crap better or worse than unholy crap? Or agnostic crap? And for that matter, why do so many people (practically everybody, really) use the word “unholy” as though it actually were “anti-holy”? I mean, if “holy” means “blessed by the church” (which is more or less what it actually means), then anything which is not so blessed is, by definition, un-holy. Your shoes, your underwear, your car keys, your car, credit cards, cash… all unholy. Yet if you asked somebody to “please remove your unholy shoes before walking on the carpet”, they’d most likely be offended, and claim (most likely incorrectly) that their shoes are not unholy. And wow did I ever just diverge from the focus of Penguicon… Did I mention I’ve been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately? I have. Not that it matters, because the kind of rambling I’m doing isn’t really what they were singing about. Not that Penguicon is completely unrelated to songs dealing with the darkest depths of Mordor… and now I’ve gone full-circle. Which is a cool online magazine for Ubuntu, which there will be a lot of at Penguicon.

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  • Jay  On April 7, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Only some of my underwear is holey…and I’m not even Mormon!

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