Two weeks gone?

I got hassled yesterday by a friend of mine for not blogging anything for two entire weeks. Two weeks? How is that possible? And yet, it’s true. I didn’t even post for Photo Friday. I am such a slacker. In my defense, life’s been busy. Two weekends ago I spent an entire day at the Detroit Institute of Arts. One weekend ago I spent an entire day at the Detroit Zoo. This past weekend I spent an entire day at the Detroit Science Center. This coming weekend I will spend an entire day at Clancy Day. Some of the other things I’ve packed into my time: movies (the director’s cut of Alexander is nearly 3 hours long), Red Wings (won, 1-0 in overtime), 5-a-day (had to do a couple 10-a-day days too try to make up for lost time), moving furniture, and spending quality time with a good friend. And probably other things I can’t recall.

Things I need to do still:
Get my “Basic Bug Triage for Ubuntu” presentation for Penguicon done (or at least sketched out)
Update the MeMaker package for Ubuntu (because I was holding off for an update on Good Friday, and when I finally got the update I procrastinated a little bit, and never had the time again thereafter).
Go over the Penguicon schedule and figure out how I’m going to pack everything I want to do into 3 short days.
Post some photos from the zoo trip.
Return to a life of blogging. Because teh internets need more of me. B-)

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  • wanderer7  On March 31, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    lol. 3 months gone for me.

    this year is almost done …

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