New canned response?

Despite my previous stated distaste for canned responses, they are very useful (and I admitted that last time). So I’m considering adding one to the wiki. In the past few days I’ve seen a number of bugs that were set to “Incomplete” for no comprehensible reason. No questions asked, no data requested. I even saw a bug marked incomplete from the start, apparently by the person filing the bug. The problem is, nobody who wants to fix bugs is looking at incomplete bugs. They’re looking at “New” and “Confirmed”. Setting it as “Incomplete” means we are waiting on more info before we can do anything useful, and so the people who do useful* things don’t often look at incomplete bugs. I’ve seen the problem so much, that I’ve been copying and pasting one response over and over again:

Not seeing why this bug was marked “incomplete”. You should only set “incomplete” if:
  -you have to ask the reporter questions
  -you ask the submitter to provide any necessary information in a comment

I am marking it “new” again in the hopes somebody will pay attention to it.

Opinions are welcome. Particularly by my fellow triagers.

P.S. The Michigan LoCo is kicking butt in the 5-a-day stats, with at least 3 of us in the top 15. Way to go, guys!

*this isn’t to say triage isn’t useful… it’s just not as useful as troubleshooting/patching bugs.

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