Why am I awake?

Never let me drive on a twisty mountain pass. Tonight is the 3rd time (that I can remember) I’ve had a nightmare in which I’m driving around a bend in a top-heavy vehicle, and I’m going too fast, and either I hit the gas instead of the brake, or the brake doesn’t work, or it’s simply too late to slow down, and the vehicle I’m driving goes flying off the road and plunges a significant distance before hiting bottom. It always wakes me up in a cold sweat, which isn’t nice, and I have trouble getting back to sleep. I’ve never experienced anything like this in real life, either as driver or passenger, so I’m kind of at a loss for why this would be a recurring theme for me, but it’s to the point now that I don’t think I’ll ever feel safe driving around the bend on an elevated road again.

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  • Danny  On January 30, 2008 at 2:26 am

    I’ve flown cars. Twice. I don’t recommend it.

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