A few days back, KDE4 was officially released. The good people of Kubuntu immediately had a repository available so that we could try it out without waiting for the next version of some distro to come out with it. It’s nice, because it peacefully coexists with the old stable 3.5, and I can try it out risk-free. My first thought was: pretty! It also seems to be faster. I didn’t time it, but I went from login to desktop in what seemed to me to be about half the time of what I’m used to. Of course, one of the biggest complaints across the net is that KDE4 isn’t “finished”. Particularly, I think, in the Ubuntu community, where we are used to seeing a pretty rock solid release after multiple alphas, betas, and RCs… The KDE4 release felt more like RC1 to me. However, of the 4 bugs I had on day 0, only 2 of them were serious enough for me to go report them, and those two are now fixed. Time to report the minor bugs, I guess. I’m pretty happy with KDE4 now, but it doesn’t seem to live up to the hype. Nothing seems revolutionarily better, and it’ll be a good long while before I’m used to the idea of not having a task bar. In the meantime, here’s a screenshot of my current desktop.

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