Ah, yes, beautiful 2008. The year we get rid of the Bush regime, assuming he doesn’t proclaim a national emergency and institute martial law before November. Despite my general happiness at being in the home stretch of what has been an awful 8 years, it will surely be a year of annoyance as well, since I generally am loathe to hear what comes out of any politician’s mouth.
McCain said:

“We are going to prove that you can’t buy an election in the state of New Hampshire — and we are also going to prove that negative attack ads don’t work either.”

Because, you know, accusing your opponent of trying to buy the election isn’t a “negative attack” at all…

Bill Richardson refers to Bill Richardson in the third-person:

“With Bill Richardson, you get change and you get experience. You have to have experience to change things. I have a record.”

People want change, and this genius thinks “having a record” is a good thing. Sorry. If you “have a record”, you are part of what we want to change away from.

Ron Paul stretches his credibility:

“The big trouble that we have over the last year was you know, getting our message out. And now, the money is flowing in, the money comes in faster than we can spend it. Because when people hear this message, they get so excited about it.”

Money is coming in faster than a politician can spend it? Inconceivable!
Also, I’m not sure about “big trouble getting our message out” considering all the reports I’ve heard of Ron Paul spam…

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