What day is today?

Holy cow. It’s the Sunday between Xmas and NewYear. That means I’ve had 1, 2, 3… 9 days off of work! Nine. what do I have to show for it? Not much. Didn’t do any editing for Debaday. Did start on building an Ubuntu package for Memaker, but I’m only about half done, which is about as useful as having half a car. Did do a wee bit of bug triage, but all told it’s less than an hour’s worth, spread over 9 days. Did read a chapter and a half more of Rainbow’s End. Did play some Guild Wars, but not nearly as much as you might guess. Holidays of course soaked up quite a bit of time, and I spent a major chunk of the past two days helping (or trying to help, but don’t get me started) with the New Year’s Eve Family Fun Run… but all in all, I’m sitting here on day 9 of my vacation feeling like it ought to be day 3, wondering what happened, and why am I so tired? Didn’t even do much blogging in all this time. Coming up soon I have a party to prepare for (oh, and a New Year’s Eve party, too) and I’m supposed to be giving a presentation on regex for Perl Mongers that I haven’t prepared enough for, and I’m also supposed to be ready to help/host a bug jam for the LoCo two days after that. Out of shape and out of practice, but needless to say not finding the time to exercise or go fight. Nor the motivation. If only January 1st was as magical as people pretend it is… I could shrug all this off my shoulders and start fresh and new

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