A perfect example of how to smear a person

Some people are upset that a Detroit-area priest used personal donations to go gambling, buy internet porn, and attend a clothing-optional resort. My opinion, and that of at least one of the people who donated, is that it’s his money and none of our business what he does with it, so long as what he does is legal. Which it is. I am actually quite upset with Ben Schmitt, the Detroit Free Press staff writer who covered this, because he’s framing the story in a very negative light. He doesn’t get around to saying that the donations the money came from were actually personal donations to the priest until paragraph 7. In paragraph 3, however, he points out that the church secretary is charged with embezzlement. This fact is completely unrelated to anything the priest has done, and is only being used to put the entire story into a “somebody’s doing something wrong” frame of light. Guilt by association, even if the only association is that they work in the same building. The accompanying picture shows what appears to an anguished look on the priest’s face, but the caption shows it is once again completely unrelated to the story, being taken from a filed photograph from October. The casual or unthinking reader could easily leap to the conclusion that the priest is a bad man who should burn in hell, when in fact it’s the journalist and/or editor. Or possibly a public that demands their news be sensational. The focus of the story should have been the embezzling secretary, not the priest who likes porn and gambling.

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