Hardy Heron pre-Alpha preview

Well, the first Alpha release of Hardy Heron is 6 days away, but thanks to nixternal, I got Hardy up and running yesterday on my backup/test partition. So far, so good. Not really noticing any improvements over Gutsy yet, but I haven’t delved very deeply. I got as far as two problems that keep me from making Hardy my main partition already:

  1. On Firefox, the Del.icio.us Bookmarks extension (the one provided by Yahoo!) not only doesn’t work, it renders Firefox unusable. Fortunately, it allows you to uninstall the extension very easily, and I was back in business, but with no bookmarks. I haven’t yet tried any of the other del.icio.us extensions (of which there are legion).
  2. Nvidia drivers don’t work. At all. In fact, they destroy the system. My first attempt to dist-upgrade from Gutsy was with the Nvidia drivers already installed, and it left me with a command-line distro, no GUI. I couldn’t figure the problem, so I reinstalled Gutsy and did the dist-upgrade right away on the fresh install. That worked flawlessly, but when I try to install any version of nvidia-glx on Hardy, it calls the install a BREAK, and when I preview the changes, I see that it’s uninstalling a lot of things (like, say, kubuntu-desktop) on account of this install. Since I love playing Guild Wars via WINE, and it won’t run on the nv driver (I tried), this is a deal-breaker for me. Hardy will be a seasoning, not the main dish, until that is fixed.
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