Don’t say the T word…

Investigators are looking for clues in the suspected arson that started the California wildfires. CNN fluffs the article by saying “they have to find the fire-starter, who could be a flame-obsessed kid,
a property owner seeking an insurance payout — or even a firefighter
looking for glory.”
Inside the article, it also mentions the possibility of “So-called eco-terrorists … out to destroy development projects they feel are infringing on natural habitat.”

But nobody is mentioning the real deal. In a terrorism-obsessed country, how can nobody in the media be asking the question, “Did terrorists do this?” Why, since 9-11, have all the terrorists suddenly become incompetent? We catch attempted terrorist attacks (including many that really aren’t, but somebody classifies them as such for the instant glory), but whenever anything bad actually happens, terrorism is either not mentioned, or dismissed out of hand even if the cause is not yet known.

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