Comcast customer service? Hammer time!

I love this lady. It’s sad she got arrested for what is clearly justifiable, but apparently you just aren’t allowed to start destroying things with a hammer no matter how well deserved it is. I think she showed admirable restraint in not going after the people. Comcast, of course, says “the service record wasn’t exactly what Shaw indicated”, but let’s be honest… If you’re going to make somebody wait for the manager for 2 hours in the sweltering sun, and then tell them the manager’s gone home for the day, are you really going to put that in your records? No.

nothing justifies this sort of dangerous behavior

So says somebody who’s obviously never been infuriated by “customer service”. I think a great many people disagree. In fact, when I’m old and retired, and less likely to receive a serious sentence (this lady got a three-month suspended sentence for disorderly conduct, a $345 fine in restitution and a year-long restraining order… what do you think an 18 year old black man would have got?) I hope to be just like her.

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