You’re probably a thief, you know…

Sony calls a lot of good customers crooks. Yes, that’s right… According to Jennifer Pariser from Sony’s legal team, the fact that I have digitized about half of my 400+ legally purchased CDs makes me guilty of stealing. From who, I’m not sure. I am seriously considering never buying another CD again now. I’ve gone back to Jamendo recently and downloaded some more good music for free (and legally). The only problem (for me) is that most of what’s on Jamendo isn’t in English. But that’s really a small obstacle when it comes to music. Check out Fishbone Rocket’s album L’etat brute, or Drunksoul’s album On verra plus tard. Plus I’ve previously given a good review to Binary Mind. If you find music there you really like, please support the artist. The nice thing, though, is that it’s voluntary, and try-before-you-buy.

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