This is strange.

It’s 9:30 on a Friday night, and the only creatures not sleeping are me and one cat. Everything else in the house has gone to bed. It’s kinda creepy. I feel like I should go to sleep too, but… it’s FRIDAY, and it’s not even my normal weekday bedtime yet!

So since I’ve ruled out sleep as an option, I feel like I should be chatting people up in #ubuntu-motu and working on the sample recipes for learning to do Ubuntu packaging. Problem here is, this medicine I’m on. R-Tanna is really foggin up my head. I forgot to take my morning dose at the scheduled time, and I felt alert and focused… until about a half hour after I finally took the pill. This illness and the R-Tanna are keeping me from OLF tomorrow. I have a hard enough time staying awake on long drives normally. No way am I going to risk two 4-hour trips in one day, by myself, on this medication. Ugh. And even if I made it, I doubt I’d get much out of it with this fog in my head. The good news is, it’s a really good medicine. I was feeling absolutely horrible when I saw the doc, but a couple hours (of naptime) after I took my first pill, I felt worlds better.

Guess I’ll go play catch-up with all my RSS feeds…

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