Recap: Season of the Wolf

I took a nice drive through the Canadian wilderness countryside Saturday morning. It was a nice day for a drive, thankfully, since I had to deal with one detour and two wrong turns (which is what I get for not having a decent map in unfamiliar territory). I also drove through an area infested with suicidal birds. There were dozens of them, and the flew in a swarm more than a flock, low to the ground. They kept flying back and forth across the road. None hit me, but I think I counted about a dozen bird carcasses on the road in a 1/4 mile stretch.

I still got to the event on time, and actually was waiting around for a bit in armor for the tourney to start. I should have fought some warm-up bouts… foolish me, I wanted to be “fresh” for the tourney. If I’d done some warm-ups, I might’ve fought a bit better. At the very least, I’d have known how slippery the floor was, and switched from my period(ish) footwear to something with a bit more traction.

So I went through a 9-person round robin without any real problems, but also without any wins. In fact, the best fight I had was against a knight who came in second overall in the tourney, but I consistently made mistakes… mostly judging range incorrectly. There’s not much worse than getting hit in the head with your guard down because you thought your opponent wouldn’t be able to reach you. Need to work on that.

Got my first kills of the day fighting post-tourney warm-ups against Her Majesty of Ealdormere (who didn’t participate in the round robin), but once she got warmed up, I lost the ability to win again. Then the meat grinder started… 4 bearpits (winner stays in, loser goes to the back of the line) were running, keeping people fighting as much as they wanted. I didn’t do much better in the pits, with only 1 kill on the day, against a knight who took my left arm and then did me the courtesy of fighting one-handed against me. With the longer sword, I was able to get a good thrust to the face as he came thrusting in at my chest.

A nice drive home with a detour I was expecting… detained at the border by U.S. officials, who were unfortunately looking for somebody with the same name as me. It wasn’t too bad, though. They were polite and professional, and I had a different middle name and a lot bigger body than the suspect, so after they took care of the necessary procedures and paperwork I was free to go. No body cavity searches, or anything. Doesn’t really make me want to cross the border again any time soon, though.

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  • Bran  On July 16, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    I had a blast there. Very fun event. I was surpirsed that after fighting they refresh with BEER rather than Gatorade!

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