Recap: Detroit Perl Monger social

Went to the Detroit Perl Monger social on Tuesday. I went to the inaugural meeting of the recently-resurrected Detroit PM group back in… November? Unfortunately, the group settled on Tuesday night meetings, and Tuesdays are kind of bad for me. This wasn’t a meeting so much as just a get-together. They announced they’d be serving beer and BBQ, so of course I had to go. It was good beer, too… a German import, and something I think was Mexican, and then I had another of the German import rather than the Rolling Rock…

Lots of coders have a language of preference, but I’ve really never seen anything like Perl out there. The social aspect of Perl seems to be head and shoulders above any other language. Up on the 4th floor deck of E-Prize, with a scenic view of a train track, I sat with a bunch of total strangers and drank and reminisced about geeky things and watched the sun go down. I didn’t notice the game of Texas Hold’Em getting started, or I would have joined in on that. Another group was playing Euchre. You just don’t see Java programmers doing that sort of thing, do you? They seem to lack that “you’re one of us” mentality.

I think I need to set aside one Tuesday per month to keep attending meetings, even if they don’t normally involve beer.

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