It’s hump day! No, seriously.

I just read a story about a province in Russia that has declared this Wednesday (September 12th) to be a real hump day. The governor “urged couples to skip work and make love instead to help boost Russia’s low birth-rate.” How cool is that? But wait, there’s more! Later in the story it says he “told employers to contribute to a Kremlin campaign to boost the birth rate by giving couples Wednesday off to have sex.” A national (regional?) holiday for having sex. Why couldn’t the Puritans have fled from Europe to Russia instead of to here? But the story still gets better.

If the baby is born in exactly 12 months (June 12th), the lucky mother qualifies for a prize up to and possibly including a new house. Talk about your incentives. People in the USA will have a baby just to qualify for more welfare. Apparently this year a lucky couple was given a jeep for their June 12 baby.

“The scheme is working. People want the prizes,” he said.

You think? Heck I think just a mid-week holiday and some encouragement would do the trick. Prizes are overkill.

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