Brand new day

I’ve been mulling over what changes to make to my blog(s), and coincidentally a good friend of mine, who is a “HAM”, wrote an entry for his blog about Good Ham Blogging. I read his ideas, and my personal opinion is that he could have left the word Ham completely out of it. Those are just good rules for any sort of blog. Then he followed up with Mo Better Bloggin’:

Blogs are great ways to blow off steam … Writing about [something that annoys you] will let you get it off your chest and perhaps it will educate somebody, somewhere.


But take care that your Web log doesn’t become a festering pot of hostility.

I think one of the problems with this blog is that I’ve done just that. The world really pisses me off, sometimes, and I use this space as therapeutic release. But does anybody really want to read that, or associate with somebody who emanates negativity all the time? Well, I know I don’t like to associate with people who are negative all the time, so I’m going to try to be more positive here, and talk more about things that make me happy. Despite appearances, I’m actually quite a happy person, so that should be easy, right? We’ll see.

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