Firefox extensions

I’ve seen a few of these around lately, so here’s my own list of necessary (or at least really groovy) Firefox extensions:

ScribeFire: what I’m making 99.9% of my blog posts with.
NoScript: Prevents possibly hostile scripts from running, and allows
you to permit them on a by-domain basis. So I can permit while
still denying doubleclick. A must for a secure computer. Bookmarks: Keeps my bookmarks on the web, so I can use them from any computer, and share with friends (who are on easily.
AdBlockPlus: Prevents me having to see all the crap that IE users have to put up with.
Download Statusbar: makes the Firefox download manager reside in the status bar, for a much more pleasant experience.
Tabbrowser Preferences:Gives fantastic control over how tabbed browsing works.

There’s more, but these are the ones I can’t live without. For now.

…and ScribeFire is giving me fits right now on my home computer because of the theme I’m using… I themed my computer to be white printing on a dark background, (because I like it that way), and ScribeFrire is annoyingly insisting on using a white text box for the text entry (no, I can’t see what I’m typing right now), and also it insists on using black text for the sidebar, which has a black background. I find it very freaking annoying when a programmer is thoughtless enough to only give a user partial control over his color scheme. Either use all of my preferences, or none of them. Adopting my text color preference and then assuming I haven’t chosen white text is just rather silly. And extremely annoying when that is, in fact, what I’ve chosen.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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