Taking stock.

I haven’t been blogging very actively, lately. When I’m in the mood to write, I don’t have time. When I have time, I want to do other things. I made one of my increasingly rare posts this weekend. It was a post about my new Linux installation, and my feelings on Linux distributions in general. To say that it was well-read would be an overstatement by professional standards, but it absolutely shattered my previous “high” for number of visits in a day. I broke the previous high easily on the day I posted it, and nearly tripled it on the following day (thanks to tuxmachines.org for picking up the teaser and linking to my post). Which leads me to wonder if maybe there’s a larger interest for a Linux blog than for just-another-personal-opinion blog. I think I’ll be talking more about Linux in the days to come, at the very least. Talking about Linux is also a heck of a lot less stressful than discussing stupid laws, evil capitalists, and current events. I’ve also got the problem of “too many blogs, too little time”. Between here, 1 Fjorda Road, LiveJournal, and MySpace, I just can’t possibly talk enough to populate them all.

OK. That’s a lie. But to have the *time* to populate them all would require I win the lottery and quit my day job. So I need to re-evaluate (again), and decide how I’m going to handle things. I think it’s likely I’ll kill or remodel “1 Fjorda Road”. My LJ is already darned near dead, and that’s a shame because I’d like to keep up with my friends list there.

Switching to Google Reader for reading RSS feeds was a great decision but, just like buying a larger house, the amount of crap I own (subscribe to) has expanded to fill the available space (time). That’s the curse of the computer age… computers save us time, so we fill that time with more things. Not necessarily good things, either. Like, for example, I’d like to exercise more. And do some leisure programming. Maybe make a significant contribution to an open source project. But those aren’t the things I fill my free time with. I fill it with more junk. Blog fodder for a blog that I don’t use enough to consume all the fodder.

So: re-eval, re-org, re-launch with another “30 in 30”. Stay tuned.

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