I feel secure, don’t you?

When the airports aren’t stealing knitting needles from old ladies or confiscating slightly-too-large containers of liquid (unless clearly labeled as saline solution, even if they aren’t filled with saline solution any longer), they’re letting butcher knives go through inside purses, or allowing “someone who was confused” to completely bypass security.

Now I have to question any airport whose security can be evaded by a confused man, because that pretty much means any terrorist actively trying to avoid security is going to have no problems at all. I’m also wondering what the point is in re-scanning passengers after those planes land. I mean, the purpose of airport security is to keep somebody from hijacking or blowing up a plane. Once they have arrived safely at their destination, all you’re doing is pointlessly hassling them for the purpose of looking slightly less incompetent for having let somebody bypass security back when it mattered.

I wish this had happened back before Bruce Schneier interviewed Kip Hawley… I’d like some answers for this!

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