Up all night

I really enjoyed that series, “Up All Night with Dave Attell”, which, according to a handful of Google searches, didn’t actually exist, but may have been called “Insomniac”. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed being “up all night’ in my college days, it just doesn’t play so well with my corporate job. So when one of my dogs tells me “I gotta go potty” very urgently at just-past-midnight, it’s not appreciated. When one thing after another during that potty run makes me progressively more awake and less sleepy, I get very annoyed.
Enter my friend, the internet. Not only does the internet entertain, but it also bores after a while (unless you start chatting, playing an addictive game or… uh… blogging), and induces sleep. So I started Stumbling around, and I find one of the funniest manifestos I’ve seen in a while. Or maybe I’m just so slap-happy that it seems funny. I don’t know.
Hey, did you know WordPress is a Stumble partner? Cool. You should all go out and Stumble WordPress… maybe that’ll increase my traffic. Oh, wait. You’re already here. Nevermind.
So… I’m coming to a conclusion I didn’t think I’d ever come to… Java enabled browsers are evil. Don’t believe me? Click Here. That’s some very scary shit. Thanks to the folks at Hackademix, via Slashdot, via Google Notebook Firefox extension. I’ve got lots of blog entry wannabes sitting in my Google Notebook waiting for me to take the time to retrieve them and write about them. It’s a good tool. I’m a bad blogger.

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