Who should you vote for?

Having a hard time keeping track of all the candidates from the two major parties? Not a clue what they stand for because of all the politispeak going on, and the fact that the Media has clearly chosen a few favorites for you to consider while ignoring the rest? Well here are two solutions: a picture that shows the candidates positions, and another site that asks you for your positions (and how strongly you feel about them) and returns a list of candidates to you with their ranking as well as a list of positions on which they disagree with you. Seems that I should be voting for either Kucinich (who the media tends to treat as a joke), or Gravel (whose name I haven’t even heard before these two websites).

Just remember: Anybody can win if we vote for them. Don’t fall into the “he/she is unelectable” trap. That’s how the people in power keep us from electing the best candidates in favor of their lapdogs.

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  • Jay  On August 7, 2007 at 6:39 am

    Those sites pretty much sum up the state of American politics, degraded beyond sound bites to “issue names” on a spreadsheet. The saddest thing is the number of people who base their decision on something like this or even less information.

    The program also pick Kucinich for me. Having seen this guy speak on some issues, I can’t even imagine a candidate I would be more motivated to vote against.

  • wolfger  On August 7, 2007 at 7:30 am

    I agree about Kucinich… my may have my stances on the issues, but he’s always been the bottom of my list.

    I disagree, though, that this sums up the state of American politics. I think this is a step up from the current state of American politics, where a candidate’s personal appearance counts for more than a candidate’s actual feelings on the positions. I have actually heard people say, “he’s funny looking” or “he’s cute” as reasons why they are or aren’t voting for a candidate. It’s really disgusting. I like the sites I linked to because it’s often very difficult to find out a major candidate’s views on the issues. Which of course, is why I usually vote 3rd-party, because those folks spend more time talking about stuff that matters, and less time posturing.

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