Distro hell

So I’ve been using Mepis for a while now. I started on 3.4.3, and when they switched from a Debian base to an Ubuntu base, I went back to Gentoo for a bit, but I came back to Mepis with 6.5 (they jumped from 3.4.3 straight to 6.0, so it’s not as long as it sounds). Now I’ve got Mepis on one drive and Gentoo on the other, and turmoil on the horizon. Mepis just isn’t updating. It’s rapidly becoming old, and newer packages are not being released. Gentoo is modern, but requires more work… And Gentoo has really gone downhill since the founder quit the organization. But now Mepis has announced it’s going to switch back to a Debian base (to resolve the aforementioned lack of updates). Sorry, but I just don’t want to reinstall Mepis from scratch on a whole new base. So I’m looking at Sabayon, which is Gentoo based (and endorsed by the founder of Gentoo as a good alternative), but set up to be easier. But that, again, is doing a new install… I may just have to bite the bullet and put Sabayon in place of Gentoo, keeping Mepis as my “stable” until I’m satisfied that Sabayon is good.
And here we see that one of “Linux’s” greatest strengths is also scaring people away: There are more flavors of Linux than there are of Vista. In addition to the 6 I’ve mentioned in this post and the previous one, there’s Suse and Fedora and Slackware and Mandriva and Freespire and probably hundreds more. The site DistroWatch literally has a “top 100” list of distros (although some of the top are technically BSD and not Linux). That’s just way too many decisions for any human being to deal with.

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  • Jeff  On August 3, 2007 at 9:43 am

    Isn’t “Ubuntu” an African word that means, “I’m too frickin’ stupid to figure out how to install Debian?” 🙂

    Nice write-ups!

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