We ain’t nuthin’ like *THEM*

“This is not any subversive thing like trying to legalize marijuana
or whatever. This is just practical agriculture. We’re desperate for
something that can make us some money.”

That’s real nice. Legalizing hemp so a farmer can make a buck is more important than legalizing medical marijuana, which could (in addition to making a lot of money for farmers) alleviate a lot of pain and suffering? I really get sick to my stomach whenever some asshole uses the “we ain’t like them” defense in trying to get something legalized. Quit beating down your fellow man. Stand together.

But the fight over hemp is not political or philosophical, people here
say. It lacks any counterculture wink, any hint of the fear some hemp
opponents express that those trying to legalize hemp secretly hope to
open the door to the plant’s more potent cousin.

It’s not political or philosophical? Bullshit. It’s political as all hell. It’s philosophical too, really. The philosophy here is that the government shouldn’t be outlawing things that don’t really hurt people. But the good capitalists of North Dakota want to frame this solely as soulless capitalism. Just trying to turn a buck. Just trying to make a living. Just looking across the Canadian border at some successful hemp farms that ship hemp products to the USA….

“We’re not wide-eyed liberals,” Mr. Johnson said.

Heaven forbid. Nothing worse than being a goddamned liberal!

Of course, it’s not just the farmers (who I’m actually on the side of, despite their hypocrisy and good-ol’-boy-ishness) that are pissing me off. The people opposed to legalizing hemp are idiots too.

“Everyone here knows everyone,” Mr. Thoreson said, “and yet we’ve had a
huge problem here with homegrown methamphetamine labs, too.”

Well hell… what’s worse? Meth or marijuana? This isn’t a trick question, and it’s not a hard one, either. Meth is at least a thousand times worse than pot. So why are you fighting so hard against pot? Maybe if you made it easier to grow pot, your meth problem would decrease. Two birds, one stone. Help a farmer, reduce the drug problem. Exchange a truly toxic drug for one that ain’t so bad. Or are people still under the delusion that we can “win” this 20-some-year-old “war on drugs”?

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