Prime time

Seems like a lot of folks must be getting hijacked into the Amazon Prime club, and wondering what the heck AMZ*Prime is on their credit card bills. I say this because the far and away most popular post on my site is “Amazon Prime”. So far, it has brought over 400 (presumably unique) visitors to my site, and I can’t think of a day in the past two weeks where some version of “AMZ*Prime” didn’t show up as the top search result bringing people in. Hopefully, some of those people like the site for what it is, and come back. Even if I only hang on to 1%, that’s 4 new readers, which ain’t bad. Of course, some folks are just plain dumb and leave angry replies threatening me with legal action because they think, somehow, that I am the one doing the billing. Obviously, those people are too lazy to read, and so they deserve what they get. I also find those people kind of amusing, so I leave their posts (the non-vulgar, non-repeat posts, at least) up for everybody to see, and of course I always reply, because every visitor is a potential customer… Not that I’m actually selling anything. Maybe I should. Hmm. I could start a club, and give everybody a free trial that requires a credit card to sign up, and then put it in the fine print that I’ll start billing at the end of 90 days if they don’t actively cancel…. Why not? It works for Amazon!

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  • Noel  On October 2, 2007 at 11:38 pm

    I did not realize that I signed up for AMZ Prime Club. What is this and how can I cancel.

  • wolfger  On October 3, 2007 at 5:20 am

    Noel, Amazon Prime Club is where you pay a fee (to, not me… I’m just writing about it) in exchange for unlimited free shipping (and maybe some other goodies, I don’t recall off-hand). In order to cancel, log in to your account at and cancel. I recommend you also write them a nasty e-mail about their underhanded practices. You might even try calling your credit card and getting the charge removed.

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