Reckless endangerment?

Man loses visitation rights to his son after the mother sees a photograph of him running with the bulls in Pamplona, while leading his son by the arm. So far, so good, right? Running with the bulls is dangerous, and that was very reckless of Dad to do, right?

At least 15 people have been killed running the bulls in Pamplona since 1924.

Wow. Now that puts a different spin on this story! Should a dad lose visitation rights for driving his kid somewhere in rush hour traffic? I’m pretty sure there’s been 15 traffic deaths this month, if not this week. There’s been a hell of a lot more than 15 traffic deaths since 1924!
Let’s put it in perspective: This is a 9-day festival, with 15 deaths in 83 years. That’s 15 deaths in 747 days. That’s really an extremely low death rate. The equivalent of about 7 deaths per year, if the activity was done daily. Cars have that beat. So does hunting, and lots of dads take their children hunting. I’m not positive, but I think amusement parks probably have a higher per-day death rate. I’m nearly positive that swimming is more dangerous. So what happened to the fantastic-sounding story in which a reckless father gets his comeupance? It’s really starting to sound like a huge over-reaction.

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