Going deeper

Google is becoming pervasive on the internet. Still, for all the alarmists questioning if/when Google has gone/will go evil and attempt to rule the world, I just can’t see much problem with it. I’m going deeper into this Borg collective by saying goodbye to Akregator and hello (again) to Google Reader. Google Reader has improved a lot since the last time I tried to use it, and I think I may actually like it better than Akregator now. Even if it’s not quite as good, it has one huge advantage: I can access all my feeds from any computer, without missing anything or having to mark anything as “read” more than once. Google also makes it easy to share feed items that you like. The Google Reader stats page is a little creepy (they keep track of what I read, when I read, and what percentage of items from a feed get read), but at the same time, I think it’s kinda cool. I’m also subscribed now to the feeds of my favorite webcomics (those that offer feeds, and even those that don’t with the help of RSSpect), so that I only have to pay attention to the comic when it actually updates, as opposed to “open all in tabs” from my del.icio.us tag every day, which wastes my time looking at even the strips that only update once a week. Google Reader also integrates beautifully with Firefox, allowing me to subscribe to a site’s feed with virtually zero effort. So go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already. Resistance is futile.

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