“Equal” rights idiocy

The running of the bulls in Pamplona may soon be accompanied by the running of the cows. Some women are upset that “they still represent a tiny minority of the thousands of runners who attempt to dodge 600-kilo bulls along an 800-metre course through the streets of Pamplona”. The solution, it seems, is to create a separate event and forbid males (human or bovine) from participating at all. Because, clearly, creating a sexist event creates equality among the sexes. Or something like that.

This is not without precedent. Not by a long shot. There’s been a Miss Black America pageant for a long time now. Yes, even after black women were allowed into Miss America competitions. Yes, even after black women starting winning Miss America competitions. No, other races are not allowed to enter the Miss Black America pageant. Somehow, people are convinced this isn’t racist.

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