Congress to tax virtual goods?

CNET news is reporting that congress is close to releasing the Joint Economic Committee’s report on virtual goods, and whether or not to tax them. No, I’m not making this up. The greedy buggers in Washington want to charge you real money for stuff that you’re paying fake money to not really own. My opinion on this is that if they want to tax make-believe items, we should pay our taxes with make-believe dollars. Sounds perfectly fair, doesn’t it? Dan Miller (former Republican congressman from Florida, now “senior economist” on the committee) says:

“Given growth rates of 10 to 15 percent a month, the question is when, not if, Congress and IRS start paying attention to these issues. So it is incumbent on us to set the terms and the debate so we have a shaped tax policy toward virtual worlds and virtual economies in a favorable way.”

Now “in a favorable way” means absolutely nothing unless you’re a mind reader, and I’m not completely up to date on my weasel-speak, but it sure sounds to me like this goober is in favor of stealing our real money when we acquire make-believe crap. Unfortunately, he’s no longer in an elected position, so we can’t vote the goober out if he makes the wrong decision.

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