So… How’s that war on terror going?

Not so well, it seems. But that’s predictable. In fact, I said early and often that we were helping the terrorists by terrorizing ourselves. Now that some “plots” have been “foiled” and some court cases are shaking out, we’ve got even more proof that this is so. Major headlines try hard to cause a panic about “what could have happened” when some group of incompetent goobers terrorists is nabbed (and in some cases, arguably led into terrorist behavior by the people nabbing them). But what happens after the headlines? Read the fine print months or even years later, when cases go to trial, and you find charges being lessened, or even dropped completely, due to lack of evidence. Guilty pleas are being questioned as the possible outcome of governmental threats.

So why does all this happen? Why do we make a huge deal out of an absurd plot and/or quietly release “terrorists” that we can’t proof did anything years after their arrest? Because the government needs excuses to do some real damage to our liberty.

Following one of these abortive terror misadventures, the administration invariably jumps on the news to trumpet whatever ineffective “security” measure they’re trying to push, whether it be national ID cards, wholesale National Security Agency eavesdropping or massive data mining. Never mind that in all these cases, what caught the bad guys was old-fashioned police work — the kind of thing you’d see in decades-old spy movies.

Sad, but true. Our government uses our fear against us, to strip us of freedoms we claim the terrorists hate us for having. Unfortunately, removal of these freedoms doesn’t lessen their hatred of us at all. But I bet they’re laughing at us.

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