The Ducks take the Cup

Anaheim annihilated Ottawa last night, 6-2, for their first ever Stanley Cup victory.
All I have to say to the Detroit fans who bash the Red Wings for losing in the conference finals is “shame on you”. We’ve got the 2nd best team in the league, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.
“Second-best,” you ask? Yes. The Ducks only lost 5 games in the playoffs. One in the first round, one in the second round, one in the finals, and two to us. Since that’s the only benchmark on which you can compare the Wings to the Senators, that puts us one up on them.
To the Hasek-bashers, I want to say “get bent!”. Hasek finished the playoffs with the 3rd-best GAA. That’s better than 4th-best Giguere, and the Ottawa goalie who completely lost it in the last game of the post-season didn’t even finish in the top 5. Not too shabby for an injury-plagued old-timer who’s retired multiple times, and has a salary under $1 million. I hope he’s in net again next year.
To Anaheim and to the Stanley Cup I want to say, “see you next year.”

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