Married people in Michigan go to jail

That’s the search phrase somebody used to get to my site within the past 12 hours, so you know I had to google it to see what’s up. Seems Michigan is busy being stupid again. Adultery can land you a life sentence. Unfortunately, the article linked to is a dead URL, but I can point to one exceedingly scary fact: If you’re a man, you don’t need to be married to commit adultery. That’s right. If you pick up a girl in a bar and have a little fling, and it turns out she’s married, you’re a felon! Congratulations. Note that the same is not true of a single woman having a fling with a married man. Why is that? Why is adultery even a felony in the first place? Grounds for divorce, sure. Huge alimony payment, sure. Felony? That’s crazy.

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