Proof that piracy increases movie revenue

It’s all there in black & white. Piracy has given the movie industry a record-breaking box office weekend. Aside from the tongue-in-cheek reference, there’s a serious note to all of this. How can they claim piracy is hurting their business, when they keep setting records with movies that get poor reviews? And I don’t just mean from professional reviewers, either. Spiderman 3 has been largely panned by Spiderman fans as “the worst of the 3 movies”, and something you should “wait to see on DVD”, yet it’s a box office smash. Pirates 3 is likewise getting some unfavorable early reviews, but we’re all going to go see it anyway. If there’s anything Hollywood knows, it’s how to make more money off a bad sequel than it made off the good original. Wil Wheaton remarked of Spiderman 3 that he was at least hopeful the record earnings for that movie would encourage Hollywood to produce more good comic book films. I replied, pessimistically, that it would just encourage them to make more bad sequels. Star Wars: Episode 1/2/3 were proof of that.

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