Russian roulette, the involuntary way

If you’ve been paying attention, you probably know there’s a shortage of blood these days. Of course, necessity is the mother of invention, and several companies have developed, or are working on developing, synthetic blood. This could save a lot of lives, of that there is no doubt. The problem is, they need to test it first, before they can get the FDA’s blessing. The bigger problem is, the FDA has approved 15 “no-consent” studies to be conducted. What does that mean? That means that synthetic blood is being given out instead of real blood, to people who need blood, without their consent, even if real blood is available! Now I know that testing is required, but I just can’t understand this. Testing should be done on patients who knowingly consent, or on patients who need blood when none is available. To take a trauma victim and experiment on them when their life is on the line, when the proper tools to save their life are at hand, is unconscionable.

So how does the synth-blood do?

In December, Northfield’s data showed that if 122 questionable cases
were excluded, the increase in the mortality rate for those who
received Polyheme over those who received blood was just 18.7%. Without
those cases being excluded, the rate was 49%.

Now wait just a bloody minute. You’re going to play statistical games with people’s lives here? Even an 18% increase in deaths is, in my opinion, criminal when inflicted on an unconsenting test group. But that’s the favorable interpretation of the stats. The actual numbers indicate a 49% increase in deaths. On this stuff that is being tested on people without their consent. Somebody needs to go to prison! We should take the board of directors of these pharmaceutical companies and drain their blood, and replace it with their own product. That would be a fair test, wouldn’t it?

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