When “PC” doesn’t mean “Personal Computer”

Here is where I think the commentary I linked to yesterday took a wrong turn:

In the 1990s, an effective right-wing theme was the complaint against
“political correctness,” which often came down to universities and
other institutions applying clumsy restrictions against young white men
shouting the n-word at African-Americans or using other offensive

PC-speak was never about “the n-word”. Everybody knew better than to use that word long before “Politcaly Correct” became a buzzword. PC was about “you can’t call them black, you have to call the African-American”. Which lasted until somebody pointed out that not all black Americans originated from Africa. So then we had to use the phrase “people of color”, which is a horrible term that applies to everybody, because honestly, I’m not transparent. I’m not even actually white, just like black people aren’t actually black. Thankfully, nobody liked “people of color”, and it died a quiet and quick (although not quick enough) death.
PC-speak was also about converting mailman to mail-person, manhole to person-hole, and so on. People who are too easily offended waged war against the English language. Normal folks lived in fear of using the wrong adjective or pronoun.
These days, PC seems to be toned down to a reasonable level, for the most part, although there are still some people who get all up in arms over some silly issue or another. I think the author of this commentary has forgotten just how ridiculous “political correctness” was back in the 90’s.

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