Tooting one’s own horn.

FreelanceSwitch has an article of “15 Must-read Blogs for Blog Writers”. Curiously enough, FreelanceSwitch is number 1 on the list. Which, um, is “in no particular order”. Hard to take the list or the blog seriously when that is my first exposure to it. Secondly, it’s written by the person behind “Zen Habits” (number 8 on the list, and the site I got the article link from), which is a site that posts some pretty non-zenlike stuff (at least, in the few days I’ve been subscribed to the feed). I will say that LifeHack is a good site worth checking out, but I imagine the rest of the list to be in the same self-congratulatory vein as #1 and #8. At least Dumb Little Man (the other blog this author wrote an article for, linked from the same Zen Habits blog entry) isn’t on the list as well, or I’d know for sure that the fix was in.

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