Feeling neither old nor young

Haven’t blogged anything (here) in a while… been busy with other things, like going to a fair with friends. Five of us went, but just two of us were interested in the rides. It occurred to me that there were two basic groups of people interested in the rides: kids, and adults with kids. My friend and I were the only people I noticed who were definitely over 18 (there were a few who were possibly in their early 20’s), and going on the rides without accompanying somebody under 18. That’s kinda scary. Normally I chide adults who are “too grown up” to do fun things, but when I’m surrounded by hundreds of people, and none of them are like me, suddenly I start to feel a bit out of place. And that’s a new sensation for me, because I’m always pretty comfortable with whatever I do (although I do tend to feel out of place when I go to a fancy restaurant). I’m too old to be a kid, and apparently too youthful to be an adult. Since I have no plans of “growing up” anytime soon, I can only expect the situation to get worse. If only I could convince my body to stay as young as my mind…

So a few years down the road, if you see some guy with gray hair (it’s coming any day now) having a blast on a carnival ride, say “Hey, Wolfger!”.

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