WTF?!? What happened to “no special treatment”?

Six days ago, LA County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore was quoted as saying “[Paris Hilton] will not receive any favors because she is a celebrity”. Today, CNN is reporting that she’s already getting time off for good behavior, even though she hadn’t even reported to jail yet. Officials “considered several factors”, including “that she appeared for her latest court date”. What the hell? Showing up at court counts as “good behavior”. I’m betting some of the other factors they considered were:

  • she’s rich
  • she’s famous
  • she’s pretty
  • her daddy’s powerful

On top of having her sentence cut in half, she will also be placed in a “special needs housing unit”. No special treatment. Right. I’m betting that if I commit an equal crime, I will not get my sentence reduced just for showing up at court, and I definitely wouldn’t get “special needs housing”.

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