A ruling that’s not gay. Or straight, for that matter.

A high school girl (now graduated) filed a lawsuit against her school in 2003 (and it took this long to get a ruling??) when a teacher punished her (sent to principal’s office, big whoop) for saying “That’s so gay”. According to the CNN article, this is:

a three-word phrase that some teenagers use to mean “stupid” or “uncool,” but has come under attack as an insensitive insult to gay people.

Gee, really? Who would have thought that equating somebody’s sexual orientation with “stupid” or “uncool” could be seen as an insult? And since when do children get to file lawsuits for being sent to the principal’s office? Sure didn’t happen when I was a kid. Sure as hell didn’t happen when my dad was a kid, either. What the hell is the world coming to?
Fortunately, the judge was sane.

“All of us have probably felt at some time that we were unfairly punished by a callous teacher, or picked on and teased by boorish and uncaring bullies,” the judge wrote in a 20-page ruling. “Unfortunately, this is part of what teenagers endure in becoming adults.”

Unfortunately, the girl’s parents (presumably adults) needed a 4-year long lawsuit to have this brainstorm handed to them.

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