The situation “involved poor judgment.”

That is how the principal of an elementary school in Tennessee described a recent class trip, in which the staff staged a mock attack by a fictitious gunman on a group of pre-teens. They even went so far as to say (falsely) that it was a real attack, and not a drill.

After the lights went out, about 20 kids started to cry, 11-year-old Shay Naylor said.

If each and every one of these adults does not lose their job over this, something has gone seriously wrong. “Poor judgment”, my ass. This was sheer unbridled stupidity. You do not conduct a fire drill by shouting “fire!”, so why on earth would a teacher think it’s a good idea to tell young children “there’s a gunman out there trying to kill you” and “this is not a drill”? What possible good did they think could be accomplished by terrorizing these kids?

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