Death of a computer

I’ve been thinking since December that something might be wrong with my motherboard and/or CPU. Now that the weather’s warming up, I find that to be absolutely true. If I have the computer on too long (which is a variable amount of time, but really short if I start playing a game) it emits a high-pitched screech, and eventually powers itself down (but the screeching part keeps screeching until I remove power from the power supply). So… I swapped out the power supply, with no change in behavior. Swapped out the graphics card, no change. Cleaned out the CPU heatsink, made sure the fan was spinning…. all looks good, but nothing changes. It gets too hot, and then dies in a spectacularly annoying fashion. So… my early birthday presents are on the way. New mobo/CPU, a new video card (because AGP is dead, so I need PCI-E), and a very wicked looking CPU cooling unit. Can still use the old RAM and hard drives. I’m also ready now for a SATA hard drive at some point in the future. So part of the weekend festivities is gutting and resurrecting my box.

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