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Here’s the coolest new extension/plug-in/add-on/watchamacallit for the Firefox web browser: Snap Links. When you want to open a lot of porn pics hyper links from a single page, Snap Links will let you click and drag a square around them all, and open them in individual tabs. It’s a cool timesaver. It’s semi-intelligent, too, as it will ignore things it thinks you aren’t interested in (like on a Google search result, it ignores the links for “Cached”, “Similar pages” and “Note this” while opening all the results you select. Check it out. Thanks, Lifehack.

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  • Elad Karako  On July 22, 2008 at 9:45 am

    SnapLinks (Not official) «» Bug Fixed – Firefox3,3.0.1 (+) best compatible Version

    I’m too find this Add-On very Usefull.

    Firefox 3 known Issues (of Original Version):
    you may notice alot of mouse bugs.

    I have made a Firefox3,Firefox3.0.1 (+) compatible Version.

    Download links are:



    Snap Links EladKarako Mod (from original
    Firefox 3,3.0.1 compatible.
    CSS Fixed, JavaScript Fixed.


    Collisions Of Original Version Fixes:
    Bug “Mouse Random Menu Click” Fixed
    Bug “Mouse menu Created too Up” Fixed
    Bug “Mouse Gone Wild” Fixed.

    installation is simple-
    1. download
    2. unzip (or unrar)
    3. drag&drop the .xpi file on an open Firefox window.
    4. allow installation
    5. restart firefox
    6. enjoy

  • Elad Karako  On October 9, 2009 at 5:24 am

    you can download latest version of
    SnapLinks (EladKarako Mod) from the following website:

    respectfully ,
    EladKarako .

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