First and second amendment rights under assault again.

Imagine that you are employed at a good job, and that you do good work. You show up on time, don’t skip out early, don’t take long lunches, and never make mistakes. But you like to go target shooting. And you talk to a co-worker about buying a new gun. And you get fired. For talking. About doing something perfectly legal. Just because a gun is involved.
Now imagine that you are a writer for a webcomic. Rather than get upset and get a lawyer and fight for your job, you decide to roll with the punch and just use the absurd humor of the situation as free material for your comic. And so police detectives swoop down on your home and question you on account of your “borderline terroristic threat.”
This, sadly, is the world we live in. Fear rules.

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  • Painbank  On May 10, 2007 at 9:06 am

    how about if you design a 3d level for a FPS game of your workplace, school or even neighborhood?

    do a search on it… there are at least 2 incidents within the month of May 2007…

    Columbine and VT screwed it up for everyone… don’t suppose it has anything to do with mental health…

    guess Quite Riot had it right… “mental health will drive you mad!”

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