Those darned Gliesean communists…

I have just found (via some obscure “publicity challenged” site, via a Google Alert for Gliese 581) the strangest idea. That human beings are genetically predisposed towards capitalism, because it “ensures the continuity of the human race”. Now I am, within limits, all for capitalism. It’s a pretty good idea in my head. But genetically predisposed? I think that’s laying it on a bit thick, don’t you? Even for a blog calling itself “The Capitalist League”, this idea seems a bit too… fundie. Fundamentalist capitalists. That’s a scary thought. Fundamentalist capitalists being among the first people to make contact with or colonize a habitable world? Scarier yet.

(edit: yes, I do know that my site calling another site “obscure” is truly the pot calling the kettle black)

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